A Better Way to Capture Unmet Needs

Making Managing Unmet Needs Simpler

The Project 2 Unmet Needs System is another solution designed and built around real-world departments needing a better way to manage their Unmet Needs. The solution is simple, elegant, and offers a high-level of customization for your organization. The Unmet Needs System features the following:

  • An alert system keeps the team abreast of new Unmet Needs that have been submitted
  • The reporting feature is customizable and allows your organization to select specific criteria to present to management, your board, or whoever needs access to your Unmet Needs details.
  • Custom fields allow your organization to tailor the Unmet Needs System to your liking and to capture additional information when an Unmet Need is created.
  • Date, Time and GPS coordinate features allow you to manage your items in the field and apply critical information directly and automatically without input.
  • Direct access from Atticus and Atticus Mobile to add Unmet Needs into the system by Service Coordinators